His Name is Mike Gilotti: Two Black Teens Murder White Iraq War Veteran in Hoover, Alabama

Unless you were paying attention, the murder of a Hoover, Alabama man as he went to workout in early January 2016 was probably something you never, ever read about. A platoon leader and 1st Lt. in the George W. Bush war with Iraq, Mike Gilotti is now just another name added to a roll-call few have the time to bother hearing. 
Sons of Obama: A picture the two black murderers of Mike Gilotti gleefully posed for to be added to their social media pages...
Yet another white person murdered by blacks. [2nd teen charged in murder of Hoover father, Iraq veteran, Al.com, 2-4-16]:
A second teen is now charged in the shooting death of a Hoover husband, father and Iraq war veteran. 
Authorities today announced a murder charge against 17-year-old Ahmad Johnson. He is charged in the slaying of 33-year-old Mike Gilotti who was gunned down Jan. 5, and then collapsed and died on the front steps of his Lake Cyrus home. 
Mike Gilotti, with sons Russel (left) and Kevin.
A Jefferson County grand jury six days ago indicted Johnson and 16-year-old Charleston Wells, each on one count of murder and nine counts of unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle. 
Johnson has been in custody since Jan. 7, held in Jefferson County's Family Court system. He is now charged as an adult, and expected to be transferred to the Jefferson County Jail where Wells has been held without bond since January. At least two other suspects are in custody on other charges, but they have not yet been named or charged in Gilotti's death. 
"Please understand we will continue to investigate this case until we are satisfied that everybody involved is behind bars," Hoover police Chief Nick Derzis said at a press conference held today to announce Johnson's arrest. 
Investigators today said Johnson, Wells and the other suspects are members of a Bessemer-area gang called M-tre, which stands for Money Making Mafia. Though they claim to be aspiring rappers, Rector said M-tre members are street criminals who break into cars and commit other crimes to get money. They often post pictures of themselves on Facebook and other social media sites holding guns and money. 
"I called them common street thugs at our last press conference and I think that still is an appropriate term to describe them,'' said Hoover police Capt. Gregg Rector. "They're not aspiring rappers, they're criminals. They're criminals who break into cars for a living. In this case, they're property thieves who when confronted by a homeowner, they take that to a whole new level and shoot and kill an innocent person." 
"Their motto is 'get money.' When they talk about getting money, that means taking money from you, and I, and people who actually have jobs and earn money for a living,'' Rector said. "Getting money to them means stealing from innocent victims. That's their existence."
Mike Gilotti was just another white American who believed the United States of America still existed. 

It doesn't. 

This is not a cynical or nihilistic point of view, but a reality more and more are beginning to understand. 

I grew up in an exceedingly Christian household, but have long lost the faith sustaining the insane reactions of people like Davey Blackburn and the Lash's of Atlanta, who have encountered pure evil and yet found forgiving murderers or would-be murderers a worthy action, even though these black individuals who did the unspeakable harm never asked for forgiveness. 

When one reads about the final moments of Mike Gilotti's life, who served in the United States Military and was deployed in the Middle East, the first thought that comes to mind is simply this: do a people who lack the will to live have a future on this earth? [Family mourns man killed at Lake Cyrus home: 'Nothing prepared me to hold my husband bleeding at my front doorstep, with my son yelling ‘Daddy’ and my baby crying in the other room.', WVTM13.com, 1-6-16]:

While family members mourn his loss, Hoover police are still looking for a suspect in the death of 33-year-old Mike Gilotti. 
The father and Iraq war veteran was killed by a single gunshot as he stood in his Lake Cyrus driveway Tuesday morning. 
"I just keep replaying it in my head right now. I just hear that gunshot,” said Heather Gilotti, Mike Gilotti's wife. "I'm struggling with the thought of losing my best friend. I never thought I'd be making funeral arrangements at 32 years old for my spouse." 
Heather Gilotti met Mike Gilotti at air assault school in Hawaii before he served as a platoon leader in Iraq. Back home, he was working for an insurance company. She is a physical therapist. The couple are parents to two young children – Russell, age 5, and Kevin, age 1. Life was good until early Tuesday morning, when she heard a gunshot and Mike Gilotti yelling to call 911. 
"I opened the door and he fell into my arms, and I tried to do CPR. Nothing prepared me to hold my husband bleeding at my front doorstep, with my son yelling ‘Daddy’ and my baby crying in the other room," she said. 
They were planning to go zip-lining Monday for their eighth anniversary. 
Instead, Mike Gilotti's funeral will take place Sunday. 
"I've already told the older one that his daddy is in heaven right now looking down on him and is so proud of him,” Heather Gilotti said. 
Faith was an important aspect of life for the Gilotti family.  
“I don't think I've had more peace in my heart than right now. I can't explain,” Heather said. “I don't hate this man who did it. I feel sorry for him.” 
She said before he lost consciousness, Mike Gilotti’s last words were, “God, forgive my sins.” 
Mike Gilotti is dead. 

He was simultaneously a husband and a father, roles in life he can never fulfill again. 

And yet in his final moments on earth, Mike Gilotti bled to death in the arms of his wife as his five-year-old and one-year-old son were nearby. 

Murdered by two black males, perhaps more. 

He never will get to take his wife zip-lining to celebrate their eighth anniversary.  

Two Years After Blacks Killed Amber Long Over a $14 Purse, Philadelphia Detectives Have No Leads in Solving Her Murder

Heroes are for the stories. 

For the theater. 

For fiction. 

In our world, villainy reigns. 
Amber Long, 26-years-old on Jan. 19, 2014, always felt safe in Philadelphia, what she dubbed "her city." She was murdered two years ago by two unidentified black males, as they shot her after Amber dared fight to keep her $14 purse from falling int their hands. Two years later, detectives have virtually no leads in cracking the case...

Amber Long would have been 28 on December 23, 2015. 

Her mother, Stephanie, still keeps alive the hope the black killers of her daughter will be brought to justice, though virtually no one dares mention Amber Long was murdered by unidentified blacks in Philadelphia on Jan. 19, 2014. 

Amber and her mom were walking on North Front Street, heading to the former's car after attending a reception at a museum earlier in the night. A car was following them, with two assailants eventually getting out and targeting the Long's for a burglary. They grabbed Amber's purse and after she pulled back, they shot her with a .22 in the abdomen. 

The bag had been purchased at a thrift shop days before for $14 dollars.

[Two years later, detectives still work Amber Long case, Philly.com, January 20, 2016]:

Philadelphia Detective John McNamee knows of cases that stay with homicide investigators. Cases that remain stubbornly unsolved, cases that sit on the desks of veteran detectives who have cleared dozens of killings. Cases that they carry for years. 
He doesn't want to carry Amber Long's case for much longer. 
Long was 26 when she was killed walking to her car in Northern Liberties on the night of Jan. 19, 2014. 
She and her mother had just attended a gala at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. On a desolate stretch of Front Street, two men approached them and grabbed at their purses. 
Long held onto hers a second too long. Her assailant pulled out a .22-caliber pistol and fired once, striking her in her abdomen. Long collapsed on the sidewalk at her mother's feet. 
The men fled in a rented car. 
McNamee has worked on the case for two years - two years spent poring over surveillance footage, sifting through hundreds of rental-car records, following up on leads that never panned out. 
What he needs now, he says, is for someone to "grow a conscience" and call in the tip that will break Amber Long's case. The city's $20,000 reward in the case still stands. 
"We have everything we need. We've collected the evidence. We're ready for when the day comes," McNamee said in a recent interview at Police Headquarters. 
Long's case is not without evidence. It's just that the evidence hasn't been enough. 
There is surveillance footage of the shooting that only shows the killers from behind. 
Video of the rental car they drove that's too blurry to make out the license plate. 
Ballistics evidence that has not matched any known gun. 
"There were at least two, maybe three, people involved," said McNamee's supervisor, Lt. Mark Deegan. "We're hoping that maybe someone talks too much one night." 
They're hoping that someone else overhears an incriminating conversation and decides to call police. 
In the meantime, they wait. They check guns seized by local and federal authorities to see if one can be traced to Long's killing. They took the video of Long's killing to the FBI in an effort to enhance the picture. They follow up every tip that comes in, however insubstantial. 
McNamee has stopped watching the grainy surveillance video of the shooting. 
"I don't have to see that video anymore," he said. "It is ingrained in my mind." 
Long was a transplant from Harrisburg, a graduate of Philadelphia University who stayed after graduation and decided to make the city her own. An architect, she had landed a promising job at a local firm just before her death. 
In the two years since the shooting, Long's mother, Stephanie, has cleaned out her daughter's apartment on Ritner Street in South Philadelphia. She has carted off Amber's unfinished paintings, and finished some herself. She has raised tens of thousands of dollars for a scholarship in Amber's name. 
On the first anniversary of her daughter's death, Stephanie Long showed up at the homicide unit with daffodils for the detectives - bright flowers in honor of her daughter's "bright, sunny smile." Daffodils will dot Philadelphia University's campus come spring - Stephanie Long and her daughter's friends planted 1,000 bulbs there in October. 
"Hopefully they will bring as much joy to others as they would have to her," she wrote on Facebook at the time. 
She could not be reached for comment on Monday. The Facebook page she runs in honor of Amber has been quiet of late, but was flooded with birthday wishes on what would have been her daughter's 28th birthday on Dec. 23. 
"So many things make me think of you. Your wisdom and maturity that was beyond your years and your love of life in general. I remember cartwheels in the grass, building snowmen and counting stars," one friend wrote. "Thinking of you today and every day." 
Deegan and McNamee, in a cramped back office at Police Headquarters, say they will chase every tip they get, follow every scrap of a lead, be there when, at last, the call they need comes in. 
"You don't get frustrated," McNamee said. "You don't lose your determination." 
He doesn't want to carry this case. But he will carry it for as long as he must.

 Amber would die 40 minutes after the shooting as she was being rushed to a hospital in Philadelphia. I've long wondered what the final words were Stephanie spoke to her daughter in those final moments they shared together, before Amber would slip out consciousness.

When students pass by the 1,000's of daffodils on the Philadelphia University campus, few (if any) will know why they were planted.

An attempted stealing of a $14 dollar purse is why those daffodils blow in the wind.

In darker moments, I wonder if Stephanie Long has dared dip just one toe into the tragically deep waters of race realism, daring to look at the horrifying number of black-on-white murderers occurring just since Barack Obama became president.

Amber Long should still be alive, happy to be 28-years-old and moving forward with her life. She should still be sharing in the love her mother gave her, and looking forward to attaining milestones she could never even dream of achieving.

Instead, like a grain of sand on the beach, she is just another nameless, voiceless white life snuffed out in a war yet without a name.

I know if Stephanie Long ever came across this posting, she'd probably boil over with anger that any person would ever dare demean Amber's memory by associating it with racial honesty, but that's basically the only manner in which Amber will ever be remembered.

If Stephanie only know how many daffodils would need to be planted to commemorate the life of a white person murdered by a black assailant, her eyes would gaze upon an seemingly field of floral memories of lives extinguished by a villain few dare address.

“It’s not crazy when the state of the world makes you want to kill everyone responsible. It’s crazy when it doesn’t.”

"It's not crazy when the state of the world makes you want to kill everyone responsible. It's crazy when it doesn't." -- Frank Castle

I've held off writing this, because it's a story haunting my every thought. 

Nightmares are more pleasant then what Amanda Blackburn and her unborn child experienced in their moments on earth, when three black males (all now charged with murder) participated in a home invasion that ended only her in death. 

Trying to imagine the horror she faced alone in fighting for her life, I've felt emotions I'm not sure even her feckless husband has felt (more on Davey Blackburn shortly). Remember: she fought to the bitter end for her life, with her black killer shooting her somewhere "in the upper body so he would not be scratched... then he leaned over her body and shot her in the back of the head. He leaned further, looked at her face, and watched her bleed.”

Sometime in late December of 2015, a story about her husband (Davey) was published, causing me to question virtually every belief I've ever had about religion. In early December 2015, he claimed God "allowed Amanda's death to give his church life," which didn't sit quite right with me. 

Before the start of the new year, he'd go even further. [Pastor whose wife was murdered preaches for first time since her death, WYFF4.com, 12-26-15]:

For the first time since a former Upstate youth pastor’s pregnant wife was killed during a home invasion robbery, Davey Blackburn preached to his congregation. 
Blackburn preached Wednesday night at Resonate Church in Indianapolis for the first time since his wife, Amanda, was killed last month. The couple had moved there from the Upstate in order to start the church.  
"Hope in the midst of hurt," he told the congregation. "Don't you think that I've asked God, 'God I feel like your promises, the dreams you put in my heart for Amanda, I feel like they failed.' You don't think I've asked that? Amanda was one of the most righteous and godly people I know." 
And she is being blessed because of that, he said. 
"Amanda experienced and is experiencing every single one of those. She was righteous and I believe highly favored," Blackburn said. 
But for him, he sometimes says he feels like he is on a trip with no way home. 
"My mind goes through that progression about coming home, then I realize I don't have a home because Amanda was my home. It hurts," he said
"Sometimes I feel like somebody's got my head and they're just pushing it under water over and over and over. And I have no breath inside me and I hurt so deeply and I can't breathe underwater and yet, for just a little minute, maybe a couple days, maybe a couple hours I get this breath. I feel this hope. 
I also believe Amanda is among the martyrs. Do you know why? Because she and I moved up here to reach people just like the people who killed her." 
Blackburn said he has hope, even for the men accused of killing his wife. 
"What if these three guys end up meeting Jesus out of this? Could you imagine?" he said.
 I've held off writing about this story for more than a month, because I can't quite grasp the joy Davey Blackburn feels in hoping the three black killers of his wife and unborn child have a positive meeting with Jesus. 

In our world, Davey, your dead wife isn't a martyr -- her black killers will be perceived as such.

Amanda Blackburn's "righteous and godly" nature didn't protect her from one of the most harrowing deaths I've ever read about, with an agent of absolute evil (Satanic?) peering over her body as he "watched her bleed."

There is no hope for people like Davey Blackburn (if he's correct in his theology, perhaps he'll find peace in the afterlife as I pray everyday his wife and unborn child have found), because no matter the depth of one's faith and devout belief in God, there's no definitive proof such a deity exists.

Read of the final moments of the poor Christians who sought refuge in the St. Sofia in 1453 as the Muslims took Constantinople, believing an avenging angel with a fiery sword would grant them salvation from the hordes of Turks rampaging through the city... those who survived spent their remaining years of slaves of their Muslims captors, cursing the angel for its tardiness.

"He leaned further, looked at her face, and watched her bleed.”

That's the final sight your wife saw, Davey, as she viewed one of her three black killers looking down at her body as she bleed out.

Can you imagine?

Black Woman Attacks Multiple Elderly White Woman, Gets 20-Years in Jail; After Six Months, Black Judge Grants Shock Probation

"Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi."   
-- The mantra of those who believe there's still something left in trying to persevere in the United States of America

The United States of America is irredeemable. 

No matter what political force arises, no matter who may stand up and breath life into the Historic American Nation, what once was can never be again. 
All she did was attack four or five elderly white women... why make her stay in jail more than six months?

There's no need to cry for yesterday, because no matter the lamentations for what you once knew to be, the only certainty is tomorrow will come regardless of your supplications. 

This has always been the one reality of the world no wishful thinking or divine interference can ever change. 

Which brings us to this shining example of Black-Run America (BRA) on February 1, 2016: Demesha Hicks of Louisville. She, as a black female, attacked multiple elderly white women in 2013 after scouting them out at a local grocery store (shades of the original Death Wish). Here's one of the initial stories. [Police: woman beat and robbed elderly victims, WDRB.com, 11-15-13]:

Police say a Louisville woman beat up elderly women and then robbed them.  
The suspect is 27-year-old Demesha Hicks.  She is locked up at Metro Corrections.
Police say she followed the victims home from grocery stores.  But while they may have been elderly, they refused to go down without a fight. 
"I called her a dirty bit**, and then I turned around and said, oh, you wouldn't even make a dirty bit**," says Donna Woods, who is a beating and robbery victim. 
Those are pretty strong words coming from an 82-year-old.  Woods says they were directed at the person who injured her arm.  "She fractured it when she threw me from the steps to the basket out in the yard," explains Woods. 
It happened on Monday.  Police say Hicks attacked Woods and at least three other elderly women. 
"I noticed her when she got a hold of me.  She was right on me before I could do any...but I couldn't do anything 'cause I don't walk too steady," says Woods. 
Metro Police say Hicks found her victims at local grocery stores.  "She would drive around the parking lot, looking for a victim that fit was she was looking for, which would be an elderly female, easy target purse," says Det. Aaron Tinelli. 
Police say once Hicks identified her victims, she followed them home from the store and then attacked. 
Tinelli explains, "Once they got to their home and they exited their vehicle, she was rushing up to them, knocking them down, beating them and then taking their purse." 
Detective Tinelli arrested Hicks on Tuesday and says images from surveillance videos at some of the stores helped them identify her, and she eventually confessed to the crimes.  He says, "We asked her why she did it and she told us it was just the hardest year of her life and she had a very difficult time." 
"I was happy, I was very happy," says Woods, who is relieved that Hicks is off the streets.  "Oh yeah, I hope they put her under the jail."
Unfortunately, there would be no jail for Demesha Hicks to be "put under." A black judge in Louisville would work to get her out of jail after serving only six months on a 20-year-sentence. [Shock probation granted for woman who assaulted elderly victims, WDRB.com, 1-28-16]:

A second chance for the Louisville woman who attacked and robbed the elderly.  
Demesha Hicks is getting out of prison, six months into a 20-year sentence.  
Hicks looked for senior citizens at grocery stores, followed them home, and robbed them, sometimes violently. This morning Judge Brian Edwards granted Hicks' request for shock probation after a hearing earlier in the week. 
Attorneys say Hicks was a single mother, homeless and desperate when she committed the crimes, and this was her first arrest..  
The Mirror of Erised: The past isn't coming back, folks. No matter how badly we may want the greatness of America to return, it's behind us. 
Family members of the victims voiced their opposition to shock probation during a hearing on Tuesday.  
"You do the crime, you do the time," said Brian Tomes, a relative of one of the victims Hicks attacked. "What message are we sending to people just because it's your first offense...that if you say you're sorry, it's OK." 
While shock probation was granted for Hicks, she must still serve home incarceration for a period of time and report to seven counties daily to transition back into the community.
This is America in 2016. A black woman attacking multiple (elderly) white women, gets her 20-year sentence commuted after a mere six months.

By a black judge.

There is no reformation coming, people.

When you understand this, you'll be able to calmly accept that America is irredeemable and embrace the future.

However uncertain it may be, there is one absolute certainty: the past greatness of the nation is never returning. You can spend your whole life staring into the Mirror of Erised and waste it away, but it won't bring back the past.

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Things you can do outside the EU

Switzerland has a proposal due to come up for national referendum which would expel any foreigner convicted of a criminal offence. Needless to say the usual bleeding hearts claim this violates European rules, to which the proposers of the referendum, the SVP (Swiss People's [Volk] Party), retort that Switzerland is not in the EU so no problem there.

Switzerland: Foreign crims not wanted
Meanwhile our "Dave" is schmoosing the Eurocracy trying to get the right for the UK not to pay in-work benefits to immigrants as soon as they turn up and take our jobs.  He thinks this will make us vote to stay in the giant kleptocracy come the plebiscite in the summer, or autumn if he wimps out of a summer vote.

Dave may not get the concessions he wants from Europe and even if he gets everything he asks for it will not be enough to make staying in worth while.

Hopefully we won't become as poor as Switzerland when we leave. (Switzerland is per captia the 10th richest country in the world, and the UK 23rd. And in most of the countries above Switzerland it's only the Sheikhs who have got the cash.)

White Atlanta Mother Who Said, ‘Please don’t shoot, I have a little baby,’ Joins Her Husband in Forgiving the Four Blacks Who Tried to Kill Them

It's a headline from one of the most terrifying stories of 2015 that should still send chills down your spine.  Four black males participate in a home invasion of a young white family in Atlanta, shooting the white father and then shooting at the white mother after she pleaded with them not to shoot... because she had a baby. [Atlanta home invasion: ‘Please don’t shoot, I have a little baby’, AJC.com, August 19, 2015]:

Michael Lash knew he had a broken leg and he couldn’t feel his other foot. One bullet had gone in the front of his thigh and out the back. 
While trying to protect his wife and two young children, the northwest Atlanta father was shot in both legs Sunday evening, the beginning of a few terrifying moments for the family. As Lash was recovering Tuesday, Atlanta police were investigating the home invasion, hopeful that security cameras on neighboring homes and evidence left behind would help identify the suspects. 
The Lash family had just returned to their Sumter Street home from vacation Sunday night when two male teenagers approached Lash on his front porch, witnesses told police. The teens — one in a yellow shirt, the other in a red one — asked if they could borrow a jack for their car and tried to force their way inside as two other teens stood across the street, police said. 
When Lash tried to close the door, he was shot by the teen in yellow, who had a short afro and tattoos and piercings on his face, Lash was able to tell witnesses and police. 
Inside the home, Lash’s wife, Whitney, heard the shots, grabbed the couple’s 6-month-old daughter and ran toward the back door, her mother, Jessica Huffman, told Channel 2 Action News. Whitney Lash called 911, and in a hushed voice, told the operator her husband had been shot. 
“I just ran outside with my baby,” the mother said in the 911 call. 
The suspects fired two shots at the mother, but missed her as she ran out the back door and to a nearby home for help. 
“He followed her and caught up with her at the gate and she turned around and said, ‘Please don’t shoot me, I have a little baby,’” Huffman said.
Why rehash this horrifying story?
Brandon Jerome Smith, Vashawn Smith, Trequan Sutton and Quindarius Slade: the four black males who threatened the Lash family, with Brandon opening fire on Whitney after she said, "please don't shoot, I have a little baby."

Because it has an even more horrifying postscript: the white family has forgiven those blacks who nearly took the entire's family life, including opening fire upon Whitney after she pleaded with them not to shoot at her... because she had a baby. [Suspect pleads guilty, gets life plus in violent Atlanta home invasion, AJC.com, 1-28-16]:
Michael Lash may never regain feeling in one foot after being shot in both legs. Though his wife and baby daughter weren’t physically injured in a violent home invasion in northwest Atlanta, the two dodged bullets by inches. 
Still, the couple has forgiven the four teenagers responsible, the Lashes said Thursday morning in a Fulton County courtroom. The first of four suspects accused in the shooting, meanwhile, offered no apologies while pleading guilty. 
Brandon Jerome Smith, who turned 19 on Jan. 21, was sentenced to life in prison, plus 20 years and an additional five years for the violent home invasion in August. The sentence means Smith will likely spend at least 45 years in prison, prosecutors said. 
Smith never spoke to Michael and Whitney Lash, both seated in the courtroom with family members, or glanced at them. But he quietly responded to questions about whether he understood the conditions of a plea deal. 
“Yes, ma’am,” Smith said, barely audible, even through a microphone. 
Smith’s attorney said he was under the influence of a variety of drugs the day he led three other teenagers to the Lash family home on Sumter Street. After growing up in poverty and surrounded by drug use and violence, Smith also began using drugs as a child, his attorney said. Marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs were included. 
But in statements to the court, the Lashes said Smith and his co-defendants could have run away instead of forcing their way into the family’s home. 
“It did grip the city,” Judge Henry Newkirk told the court. “It is a family’s worst nightmare.” 
The remaining three defendants — Veshawn Smith, 15, and Trequan Sutton and Quindarius Slade, both 16, each pleaded guilty Thursday afternoon and were sentenced to 18 years in prison. 
“All it takes is one lapse in judgment and it can terribly affect your lives,” Newkirk said. “You will get out of prison one day, and believe it not, it’s going to be sooner rather than later.”
"One lapse of judgement," Mr. Judge? 

America is irredeemable.