Brutal Attack Stronger Than Before Black T-Shirt

June 30th, 2015
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Timetable of a grexit

June 30th, 2015
MoneyWeek magazine have published a suggested timetable for getting the Greeks out of the euro. It goes like this:

A few years ago this blog also laid out a mechanism by which Greece could slide out from under the euro with very little drama.

It's here:

Heritage Not Hate Confederate Flag

June 29th, 2015
Heritage Not Hate Confederate Flag Heritage Not Hate Confederate 5 foot x 3 foot Flag Confederate Flag with HERITAGE NOT HATE.

Rebel Bull Dog Confederate Flag

June 29th, 2015
Rebel Bull Dog Confederate Flag Rebel Bull Dog Confederate 5 foot x 3 foot Flag Confederate Flag with a Bull Dog in the middle.

Rebel Pride Confederate Flag

June 29th, 2015
Rebel Pride Confederate Flag Rebel Pride Confederate 5 foot x 3 foot Flag This flag is basically the Confederate Flag, but has an old man on a cane with the words Rebel Pride on it.

The South Will Rise Again Rebel Confederate Flag

June 29th, 2015
The South Will Rise Again Rebel Confederate Flag The South Will Rise Again Rebel Confederate 5 foot x 3 foot Flag This is the The South Will Rise Again Flag. This flag has the Confederate Flag behind a seal that has the words The South Will Rise Again.

Second Confederate Navy Ensign Flag

June 29th, 2015
Second Confederate Navy Ensign Flag Second Confederate Navy Ensign 5 foot x 3 foot Flag The Second Confederate Navy Ensign, 1863–1865

Can the Greeks print their own euro notes?

June 29th, 2015
Opinions vary as to whether the Greeks could start printing their own euros. They certainly have a printing facility at which euro notes can be printed. And they have the steel plates used to make the notes - they made the notes in circulation in Greece in the first place.

But do they have paper and ink? Certainly they will have some in reserve but in the banknote world paper and ink are tightly guarded. The inks are made in Switzerland (not an EU or euro country!) and the paper can be made in various places but not it seems Greece.

So the Greeks would have to buy the ink and paper from abroad and realistically any ECB supplier is not going to damage their future commercial prospects by supplying the Greeks. So the answer to the titular question is: yes, but probably not enough.

Greeks run out of road

June 29th, 2015
There they were, happily kicking the can down the road, the EU and the Greeks, dickering about how how to square the German work ethic with the Greek desire to snooze in the sun, all sides content that the talking could just meander on forever when Greek PM Alexis Tsipras had to go and ruin it by kicking the can against a wall.

Specifically, he called a referendum on the deal. On Sunday this week (5/July/15) the Greeks will vote and that is that; no more talks, the deal is done or not, but the show is over either way. Big mistake! Should have just kept talking. Seriously, the EU was providing a billion a week in "emergency liquidity assistance" (ELA) - why would you put the kibosh on that? And the more cash the EU provides, the deeper in the hole they are, the weaker their position at the negotiating table becomes.

Anyway, he did it. He pressed the big red button and all that remains is for the Greeks to vote Ney or Ochi. Ney means "yes" by the way, and Ochi means "No". The Greek word for yes sounds like no in every other European language. There's a lesson there, but blowed if I know what it is.

Another quirk of the Greek language (rendering in the Latin alphabet) is: kalimera means good morning, kalispera means good evening and kalinichta means good night. There's an obvious omission in that list. What happened to good afternoon? Ha! The Greeks don't have a word for good afternoon - the need has never come up.

Once Tsipras had drawn his line in the sand the EU decided the Greeks needed a nudge towards Ney, ie yes. How better to concentrate their minds than to put them on short rations for the week. So they stopped the ELA money pipe and now the banks are closed and Greeks can only withdraw €60 per day. The banks will stay closed all week and the hunger pangs should help the Greeks decide where to put their cross.

The government also closed the stockmarket for the week; not that much trading could be done with the banks offline.

Probably though, the Greeks are not going to suffer enough during the coming week to vote Ney. They have had several years to get their money out of the banks and have become quite used to removing their wages or pension as soon as it turns up. And with the banks closed they have the perfect excuse not pay any of their bills, so it's not all bad.

More likely they will vote Ochi and tell the EU to get stuffed. That would be bad news for the Germans, currently €60bn in the hole and the Italians, €40bn in the hole. So what will happen after the Greeks have voted no is that the Greek government will be invited back to the negotiating table for more talks!

Where ignorant armies clash by night.

June 29th, 2015
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There's a quote I heard long ago, but it's one you can never, ever forget. Robert E. Lee put it best in a letter, and it's this one quote forever keeping me at peace with the world: 
"I have always observed that wherever you find the Negro, everything is going down around him, and wherever you find the white man, you see everything around him improving."
He wrote these words in June of 1865, almost exactly 150 years ago to this today. 

And nothing, absolutely nothing has changed. Not even with trillions of dollars spent via the Great Society and the racial redistribution of wealth courtesy of affirmative action positions (largely through government "make work" positions), the stunning clarity of Lee's observation remains clear. 

And no matter if Robert E. Lee's statue comes down in New Orleans or if Nathan Bedford Forrest body is exhumed in Memphis, the fate of both cities is the exact if they remain majority black. 

Don't forget blacks in Memphis have erected billboards reminding the population: "Black Lives Matter -- So Let's Quit Killing Each Other."

Also never forget what other billboard went up in Memphis, serving as a warning to those entering the 64 percent black city... The Memphis Police Association put up billboards that simply read, "DANGER: Enter at your own risk; This city does not support public safety."[Billboard scaring pants off Memphis visitors,, 5-4-13]

Oh... and don't forget Memphis has the Memphis Gun Down Program because black people can't put the gun down...

Never forget New Orleans has the hilarious NOLA For Life program, specifically designed to entice black people from killing one another

Statues honoring great men of the past have no bearing on the present inability for individual black people to refrain from collectively endangering civilization in either majority black Memphis or majority black New Orleans; what these statues do serve to say is "we told you what would happen..."

"We tried to warn you...."

Every memory of the Confederate States of America can be removed from the southern states, with roads, schools, buildings and streets renamed; with graves, memorials, flags, and statues torn down or desecrated. 

But the simple truth articulated by Robert E. Lee in June of 1865 remains veracious to this day, and it will continue to be a heroic statement of nature's finality regardless of the money spent to wish it away. 

Tear it all down and burn it. Smash the monuments into a thousand pieces, grind what remains into dust and then let the winds scatter the memory of what was into the wind.

Exhume every confederate grave and knock the stones marking their sacrifice; throw what remains of their earthly body onto the ground and take a selfie with it.

Go ahead.

Tear down every Confederate flag you see and ignite it in a bonfire of the self-righteous and morally superior, setting to a light a conflagration even the Gods will see.

But the truth of Lee's letter stands firm, a resolute statement of reality time can not weather.

The need for NOLA for Life and the Memphis Gun Down Program only exist because each city has a violent, bellicose black population genetically unqualified with participating in the civilization they inherited via white flight.

Lee's words ring truer today than they did in 1865. Let that sink in for a moment...