Pork Hunters – Hinter Der Maske & Bonus Compact Disc

December 1st, 2015
Pork Hunters - Hinter Der Maske & Bonus Compact Disc
Pork Hunters – Hinter Der Maske & Bonus Compact Disc

03. ROT – GRUN

Bonus Tracks :

At Least His Murdered Daughter (by a black male) has a Preschool in Haiti Named After Her… Have White People in Indianapolis Lost Their Minds?

November 30th, 2015
From the film Death Wish, this exchange of dialogue has always resonated with me, more so with each passing year:
Paul Kersey: Nothing to do but cut and run, huh? What else? What about the old American social custom of self-defense? If the police don't defend us, maybe we ought to do it ourselves.
Jack Toby: We're not pioneers anymore, Dad.
Paul Kersey: What are we, Jack?
Jack Toby: What do you mean?
Paul Kersey: I mean, if we're not pioneers, what have we become? What do you call people who, when they're faced with a condition or fear, do nothing about it, they just run and hide?
Jack Toby: Civilized?
Paul Kersey: No.
Once year, right around Christmas, I watch my Blu-ray copy of Death Wish

Not sure why, but it's always struck me as a movie taking place around Christmas. 
Todd Erb's wife and daughter were murdered by this monster in December 2013... but he cried with joy that his murdered daughter has a preschool in Haiti named after her (in a country founded upon white genocide)

I was thinking about this portion of the movie when reading about Todd Erb, a white male whose wife and daughter were murdered by a black male (Christian Rene Haley) in a "home invasion gone wrong" in Indianapolis back in December 2013. 

Sounds eerily  like the Amanda Blackburn story, right? [Man whose wife, daughter died in 2013 home invasion, empathizes with Blackburns, WTHR.com, 11-25-15]

In researching more about Todd Erb, I found this strange story from 2014, which needs to read so it can be fully appreciated. [Faith sustains Westfield family after tragedy, WTHR.com, 5-13-14]:
Where is God on your worst day? Todd Erb would say He's right beside him. Never left him. In fact, God's been carrying Todd since the day that changed his life forever. 
On December 20, 2013, someone came into Todd Erb's Westfield home and murdered his wife Marylyn and daughter Kelley. The day after Christmas, police arrested 21-year-old Christian Rene Haley for the crimes. According to court documents, the suspect worked three months at the Sundown Gardens landscape business co-owned by Todd Erb before getting fired for attendance problems. 
Now, for the first time, Todd Erb and his two other children are speaking out publicly about their faith through the tragedy and the women they lost. 
"Loving people. Just really what I would describe as the light and salt of the earth," said Todd Erb. "If you could label anyone as the most kind, the most thoughtful, the most generous, in terms of both of them, that's exactly how I think of them and what I would say about them." 
Fifty-two-year-old Marylyn Erb was a stay-at-home mom. A proud grandma. She loved her kids and they loved her. 
"She was always my go-to person to talk about anything. The smallest thing. What I'm cooking for dinner," said Lindsey Myers. 
"A huge amount of support and encouragement for me has been lost. It's difficult to not have your mom to help you out with whatever might be going on, especially away at college," said Marylyn's son Brock Erb. 
Twenty-three-year-old Kelley Erb was a student at Ivy Tech and pursuing her degree in Early Childhood Education. She was also her brother's best friend. 
"She was no doubt, an incredible sister and a great friend to me. I just miss my best friend to come home to," said Brock Erb. "We grew up doing everything together, playing games, playing with toys and playing out in the yard. That friendship is frankly, what I miss the most." 
Todd Erb says he and his wife built their marriage on a faith centered upon Christ. 
"In our home and we wanted to reflect that within our marriage and we wanted to reflect that with our kids. We brought them up, sent them to Christian school through Heritage Christian and solidified the things we were teaching here at home," said Todd Erb. 
The family gathered in their Westfield home to talk openly about their faith journey since their loved ones were murdered. 
"When things happened early on, I would have to admit I was confused about things. Didn't really know what purpose was in it, what plans God may have. 
Not only does it feel like God's been beside me but He's been carrying me the whole time. There's a verse in Isaiah 41:10 that says, 'Do not be afraid for I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will hold onto you with my righteous right hand.' And it feels like that's what He's done with me. He's held onto me," said Todd Erb. 
"After this incident, faith for me has become so much more real. It's become the only source of strength to get you through the day," said Brock Erb. 
For Todd Erb, the strength comes from prayer. 
"I never ever blamed God for this. Never accused Him of having caused this in any way. It's just something that happened and something I believe He allowed to happen," said Todd Erb. "Certainly anybody might stand back and ask the big question, why? Why would something like this happen? Or why could something like this happen? But I never questioned God as far as my faith weakening or blaming him because I really feel like He has plans for everything. Even in this incident, I believe there are plans that He has for myself and really the rest of my family. I think that's still being revealed. I can't say that I've figured it out in the last four months, but things are still being revealed." 
The family has felt the prayers. 
"Armies of people all over the world that have lifted this family up. They can't get them off their mind," said Dr. Kent Erb, a cousin of Todd Erb. 
Todd Erb says he draws strength from reading the Bible. 
"It really reminds me of the story of Job, how God allowed Satan to test Job. I feel much the same way. Everything Job had - possessions, health, family - was taken from him. God's challenge to Satan was test my servant Job and see if he doesn't curse you. Satan's challenge was he will curse you God. Job never did through all of His tests and all the things that he went through," said Todd Erb. 
Erb says he decided to talk publicly about his faith in order to try and make a positive contribution to the community in the wake of the violence. 
"If someone can hear words of faith and to be encouraged, that's the kind of message I'd like to portray," said Todd Erb.
Immediately after the murders, Todd Erb stayed at his daughter's home. When Erb decided to return to the house where the murders took place, Christian friends came to help and pray. 
"We literally went through each and every room of the house and prayed over each room in each house that any evil that entered would flee in the name of Jesus Christ. That was extremely comforting. It was almost immediately after that time of prayer, I just felt a strong peace and a comfort level that I hadn't felt prior," said Todd Erb. 
Todd Erb has returned to work at Sundown Gardens and ultimately decided to remain in the home as a way of standing up against the person accused of taking away so much of his life. Todd says he makes the choice to be positive. 
"Negative thoughts, negative reactions, negative attitudes only embitter myself and are only going to embitter the people that I'm around. I frankly don't want any part of that negativity. I don't want to fall into a depression to say woe is me. Look at me, I deserve to be down or depressed because of the magnitude of what's happened. I just have never felt that way," said Todd Erb. 
Not long after the murders, something sweet took place 1,600 miles away from Indiana. Friends traveling to Haiti named a school in Kelley's honor, knowing how much she loved children and early childhood education. 
"Kelley Erb had a heart for children. You meet kids that you know are teachers. Hopefully, they'll go into education. She was one of those. She was a child whisperer, especially with little ones," said friend Karen Smith who traveled with her family to Haiti. "I thought, we're starting this school in this orphanage and they have nothing and we're bringing everything, starting from scratch, perhaps I can name it and it could be in her honor. I wanted to do something for her family. There is no card on the face of the earth, no flower arrangement, there is nothing that can speak the words that you want to say, and until I had that Holy Spirit pushing on my heart, I was at a loss what I could do for the beautiful Erb family. So now, there's an actual school with the most adorable little children and there's a little ray of light in a dark corner of the world and it's in her honor." 
Todd Erb remembers seeing the pictures of the Haiti school named for his daughter. 
"Fighting through the tears as I was looking through those pictures and reading her card, our hearts were just overjoyed really. The tears were tears of joy," said Todd Erb. 
Later this year, the focus will turn toward the criminal trial and the man accused of committing the murders. But, Todd Erb does not want to speak specifically about it. 
"That individual will have his day in court and he will be under a jury of his peers. And whatever their judgement is going to be man's judgement in a court of law. I really view when things are all said and done, that God will have the final judgement," said Todd Erb. 
Until then, the family knows they are not in control. Yet, they know who is. 
"I would say that I felt compelled to rely upon, lean upon God and my faith more, absolutely more than in any other time in my life. I have no other perspective or no other choice other than to trust God. I don't know of any other earthly thing that I could lean upon that would bring any more peace or any more comfort or any more assurance," said Todd Erb. 
"My salvation tells me that my future home is in heaven. That I will be with my wife and with my daughter someday and rejoice with them knowing they're rejoicing right now. That gives me a great deal of peace while I remain here on earth," said Todd Erb. 
"(Todd) knows God didn't waste this. He has complete, 100 percent faith that God will somehow cause this to impact lives for His kingdom, for His good," said Dr. Kent Erb. 
Todd Erb's children talked about how their faith has been tested. 
"After this incident, faith for me has become so much more real. It's become the only source of strength to get you through the day and the only thing that gets you out of bed. It's everything," said Brock Erb. "Although it rocks your world and changes everything outwardly, inwardly in terms of growing in faith, I've come a long way from before this happened to now. As far as asking questions, the biggest question I find myself asking is what does God want to happen from all this? And if so, how can I be preparing myself to be obedient to that. Really, there are two options, running to God and clinging to him or trying to find fulfillment in anything but God which ultimately isn't going to lead to what you're looking for." 
"I feel like my faith has definitely grown. I've had the foundation all my life of believing in God and trusting in Him. With this happening, it has grown my faith and deepened in such a profound way. Where else do I have to go but to trust in God that He has a plan and a purpose through all that has happened," said Lindsey Myers. "I know 100 percent that my mom and sister are in heaven because they were believers of God. Being a Christ follower, I know I will be with them one day and I will be able to see them again. It's just such a comfort to know I have that hope and I have that assurance." 
Marylyn's two children say they are relying on scripture with the hope of one day helping other people. 
"There's a passage in 2nd Corinthians 1 that talks about God comforts us in order for us to grow and comfort other people. Right now, it's extremely painful and God is right there comforting me. Maybe somewhere down the road I will be given the opportunity to help somebody else," said Lindsey Myers. 
"The Psalms, for me, have been influential to me. There are so many verses that talk about how God will uphold you. He's there for the broken and the broken-hearted. Just about every Psalm I read has a whole new meaning for my own life," said Brock Erb. "There's another verse Romans 8:28 that says, 'And we know that in all things God works together for good for those who've been called according to his purpose.' That was a verse that someone challenged me to memorize early on. It's going to stick with me for the rest of my life." 
Marylyn's son had a final message for the community. 
"I personally would like to say thank you to all the people out there that have been praying for us and our family. I owe a huge thank you to a lot of people up at Purdue that have been surrounding me and helping me function on a daily basis. Those prayers have certainly been answered. God has been right there through this whole thing," said Brock Erb. 
"They've passed the test. This is the test of a lifetime. Most of us won't have a test close to this," said Dr. Kent Erb.
Nothing says closure to your daughter being murdered by a black male like a bunch of white missionaries from Indiana naming a school in Haiti (a country founded upon the genocide of white people) after her... the Kelley Erb Preschool


Todd Erb and Davey Blackburn are the embodiment of why so many people who grew up going to church (myself included) now look upon modern Christianity with a sense of profound sadness, for it does nothing but perpetuate the very forces plotting exactly what happened to the French in the late 18th century in San Domingo/Haiti.  13 WTHR Indianapolis 13 WTHR Indianapolis

His name is Paul Monchnik: 91-year-old white man executed by 17-year-old black suspect in 83% black Detroit

November 29th, 2015

A productive member of society for all those years on earth.

An immigrant from Poland, who lived his adult years in Detroit, a city whose white population seemingly vanished during his lifetime until it became Africa in America.  

Now he is dead. 
His name is Paul Monchnik (the black suspect who murdered him is 17-years-old, on the right)

His name is Paul Monchnik. 

He was executed by a 17-year-old black male, George Stewart. [Person in custody in death of Detroit man, 91, Detroit News, 11-25-15]:

A person is in custody after turning himself in Tuesday in the case of an elderly man who was beaten, killed and doused with gasoline on the city’s northwest side a day earlier.
“I’m not certain what motivated this suspect, and he is only a suspect,” Police Chief James Craig said Tuesday. “We still have a lot of work going forward.”
The investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed as of Wednesday morning, Officer Nicole Kirkwood said.
Earlier Tuesday, police conducted a search on a house located next door to the home of 91-year-old Paul Monchnik, who was killed in his home Monday morning.
The home where the search occurred is on the 20500 block of Bentler on the city’s northwest side.
“There were several teams at a scene this morning. I’m not going to disclose what they found,” Craig said.
Kirkwood said it remains unclear how the suspect and search are connected.
Monchnik’s body was discovered in his home early Monday morning when police and fire personnel responded to a fire at the home about 2:50 a.m. Monday.
The official cause of death from the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office was still pending toxicology reports as of Wednesday morning, but an officer at the scene observed that Monchnik had what appeared to be a bullet wound to his head.

His body, which was located near the front door of the living room area, had been doused with gasoline and set on fire.

According to police, the home showed signs of a break-in and Monchnik’s van was missing.

Police said the suspect in custody was believed to be caught on surveillance video.

“There was a burglary, and we believe during the suspect’s entry into the home, there was an attack,” Craig said. “In order for the suspect to cover his tracks, he decided to go leave the location, obtain some gasoline, return and set the victim and the home on fire.”

Monchnik was a self-employed television repairman for more than 50 years. He worked throughout his life to provide for his family, which included a wife who died seven years ago, three children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.


Three children, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.And now, after being executed by a black male (and set on fire as a means to cover the evidence), Monchnik is dead.  [Son of slain man, 91: 'Get this scum off the street', Detroit Free Press, 11-23-15]"

Scott Monchnik said his father arrived in Detroit as a child immigrant from Poland. He worked as a TV repairman for about 40-50 years.
Even though he was in his 90s, Paul Monchnik continued to take care of himself, keeping groomed and well-fed, reading his newspaper to keep up with current events, his son said.
"I don't think he ever in his wildest dreams thought he would be a statistic or a news highlight of the day," he said.
He said his father's home is in a cul-de-sac with neighbors who would help and look out for him, so he wasn't especially worried about the 91-year-old living alone in Detroit.

His name is Paul Monchnik. 

Battle Scarred – Thunder & Lightning Compact Disc

November 28th, 2015
Battle Scarred - Thunder & Lightning Compact Disc
Battle Scarred – Thunder & Lightning Compact Disc

1. I Won’t Run
2. Bring Back The Skins
3. Här Kommer Himmelsblå
4. Hangover
5. Thunder & Lightning
6. Backstreet Crew
7. Misfit
8. Another Cliché Song?
9. Won’t Give In
10. Concrete City Rebels
11. Stand Up And Fight
12. I’m A Rebel

Bonus Tracks
13. Gefle If
14. B.a.t.t.l.e S.c.a.r.r.e.d

Hetzjagd – A.C.A.B. Compact Disc

November 28th, 2015
Hetzjagd – A.C.A.B. Compact Disc
Hetzjagd – A.C.A.B. Compact Disc

01. Kampf Des System
02. Wir Jungen Schreiten
03. Deutscher Soldat
04. Hetzjagd
05. A.C.A.B.
06. Treue
07. BRD
08. Sie Hassen Uns
09. White Rock ‘n’ Roll Life
10. Revolution
11. Handelt Jetzt!
12. Europäische Usa
13. Das Reine
14. Ich Scheiße Auf Euch
15. Zeit Der Stille
16. Final War
17. Raise Your Voice
18. Wildgänse Rauschen Durch Die Nacht (bonus)
19. Die Eisenfaust Am Lanzenschaft (bonus)

Hetzjagd – Revolution Compact Disc

November 28th, 2015
Hetzjagd - Revolution Compact Disc
Hetzjagd – Revolution Compact Disc

01. Revolution (3:45)
02. Handelt Jetzt (3:09)
03. White Nation (3:52)
04. Europäische USA (3:26)
05. Das Reine (6:30)
06. Ich Scheiße Auf Euch (3:33)
07. Im Stich Gelassen (3:23)
08. Zeit Der Stille (3:19)
09. Final War (4:16)
10. Auf Dem Weg Zur Revolution (3:27)
11. Raise Your Voice (2:53)
12. Abnormal (3:17)

Edelweiss – Der Kampf geht Weiter! Compact Disc

November 28th, 2015
Edelweiss - Der Kampf geht Weiter! Compact Disc
Edelweiss – Der Kampf geht Weiter! Compact Disc

1. Der Kampf geht Weiter     07:51
2. Märtyrer für Deutschland     05:06
3. Ein bunt gemischtes Völkchen     06:45
4. Er steht auch heute noch zum Eid     03:58
5. I’m Just A Boot Boy     02:55
6. Germanenland     04:21
7. Bonzen     05:54
8. Wehrmacht     06:16
9. Und es wird Nacht     03:44
10. White Pride World Wide     03:52
11. Widerstand     05:53
12. Sterben kann ich nicht – Flammenherz     04:04

Die Deutsche Kavallerie Historische Reitermarsch Teil 2 Compact Disc

November 28th, 2015
Die Deutsche Kavallerie Historische Reitermarsch Teil 2 Compact Disc
Die Deutsche Kavallerie Historische Reitermarsch Teil 2 Compact Disc

Grossenhainer Marsch, Fehrbelliner Reitermarsch, Des Grossen Kurfursten Reitermarsch, Brucker Lager Marsch, Pappenheimer Marsch Aus Dem 30 Jahrigen Krieg, Marsch Der Finnlandischen Reiterei Aus Dem 30 Jahrigen Krieg, Marsch Der Freiwilligen Jager Aus Den Befreiungskriegen, Kavalleriemarsch, Husaren Fedette, Leichte Kavallerie, Torgauer Parademarsch, Herzog Von Braunschweig, Geschwindmarsch, Mrsch Des Kaiserlichehrussuschen Leibgarde-Semenovskischen Regiments, Parademarsch Albrecht Von Preussen, Pariser Einzugsmarsch, Marsch Des Regiments Sebastopol and Definiermarsch.

Tollschock – Shut Down The System Compact Disc

November 28th, 2015
Tollschock - "Shut Down The System" Compact Disc
Tollschock – “Shut Down The System” Compact Disc

1. Face The Fact
2. Get Fucked!
3. Wir Sehen…
4. Fighting The System
5. Liebest Lied!?
6. Judge Me
7. You’re Not The Leader
8. Der Rebell
9. You Can’t Correct Me
10. Zuletzt Stirbt Die Hoffnung
11. My Words
12. Strategie Der Masse
13. Rocking For The Few


November 28th, 2015

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