Putin wins again

October 1st, 2015
Russian President Vladimir Putin has outmaneuvered the West by joining in the air strikes on ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Once again Kremlin strategists have wrong-footed the hopeless amateurs in Washington and London.

The real politik is that the West desperately does not want the Russians in the middle east and they do want to overthrow the Assad regime in Damascus. Assad supports Hezbollah which periodically attacks Israel. The Zionist lobby in DC therefore nominates Assad as Public Enemy #1.

The problem is that the public in the USA and UK have seen a lot of beheading videos and think anyone fighting ISIS must be a good guy. So America is torn between bombing ISIS and bombing Assad; in fact there is no-one in Syria they don't want to bomb, but various shadowing groups have ensured that high quality ISIS beheading vids get lots of airtime and Assad is looking like yesterday's boogey man. Add to that the Russians have been allied with Assad since the year dot (because of his Mediterranean access) and it all gets very frustrating for your average American neo-con.

The Russians are well-placed to bomb ISIS because, being friends with Assad, they get to use his airbases. So they are likely to be more effective than the West and now have a perfect excuse to build up substantial forces in the area. Forces which could be used to defend Assad against the West should the Zionists ever manage to get regime-change in Damascus back on the agenda.

Also, America now considers most of the middle east to be under her military control - notable exception: Iran. The US basically has air superiority in most countries with the agreement of the local friendly government: ie, Israel, Iraq, Saudi. The UAE and Oman are long-term allies. Which really only leaves the Lebanon and Yemen - both lawless hellholes of no strategic significance, and no actual governments.

But now the Russians have moved in, with an impeccable excuse, doing nothing more than the Americans were already doing, and are throwing around considerable weight. The Americans were notified that Russian bombing was about to begin when a 3-star Russian general knocked on the front door of the US embassy in Baghdad and gave precisely 60 minutes notice that "American" airspace was about to be buzzing with Russian jets.

Cue much gnashing of teeth. The Americans and allies hate the Russian presence but cannot think of any good reason to object. So far they have only come up with the Russians being a bit hit and miss, but since Western forces have killed any number of innocents that is not much of a reason.

Putin is continuing a period of Russian expansionism. He has taken the Crimea, is in the process of taking Eastern Ukraine and now is moving into the Arabian peninsula.

Meanwhile the public in Europe and America now so despise their own governments for being completely sold-out to all interests except their own citizens' that they are actually rooting for the Ruskies.

10,000 Hearts – “One Beat: Tribute To Martin Cox” Compact Disc

September 30th, 2015
10,000 Hearts - "One Beat: Tribute To Martin Cox" Compact Disc Martin Cox has been around for many years as an activist and his involvement with bands such as Extreme Hatred. He is one of the GOOD GUYS. He's recently been battling health issues and this compilation is a fund raiser in his recovery efforts: 1. Brainwash - My Dreamland 2. Faustrecht - Fightback 3. Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Field Of Green 4. Open Season - Race Riot 5. The Yardbombs - Extreme Hatred 6. Bound For Glory - The Path 7. Max Resist - I Can Hear The Thunder 8. Evil Inside - Hey 9. Rebel Devils - Now Is The Time 10. Ironwill - In My Eyes 11. Brainwash - Outline On The Street 12. Joe Hated - Judgement Day 13. Rebel Hell - Field Of Green 14. Final Verdict - I Am The Man 15. Faustrecht - Awake 16. Bulletproof - Injustice 17. Vox Havoc And The Dogs Of War - Fightback 18. Lightning Rod - I Am The Man 19. Attack - It's In Me 20. Sniper - W.P.W.W. 21. Hate StyleZ - The E.H. Medley

Without a black population, New Orleans would be Key West: Black Crime Requiring Huge Security for Big Easy Restaurants

September 30th, 2015
One of my most "liberal" (I don't really believe in the left/right paradigm anymore: either you understand race or you don't...) friends and I were in New Orleans not long ago, followed by a trip to Key West. 

I told him, "tell me what you notice about each place and what's the primary difference between NOLA and Key West?"

We went to NOLA first, and then after only a few hours in Key West not long after he looked at me, and begrudgingly said, "I don't see a cop anywhere, and in New Orleans you couldn't turn your head without seeing a cop."

Why might that be? 

The answer is quite simple: blacks. 

New Orleans has a surplus black population Hurricane Katrina tried to dump on cities like Atlanta and Houston; Key West's primary asset (New Orleans' liability) is a lack of blacks, meaning restaurants and businesses have little need for hiring security guards and installing expensive cameras to protect their merchandise, employees, and cash in the registers. 

With a huge black population, New Orleans is stressed financially to provide sufficient police coverage to protect tax-producing businesses from the criminality hovering around this racial group like the morning dew covering Dixie. 

Key West doesn't seem to have this problem, because it doesn't have blacks. 

So when you understand the reality of black criminality, you'll understand why restaurants in New Orleans are closing because of the out-of-control costs of security. [After Uptown robberies, restaurants struggle with security costs, NOLA, 9-29-15]:
The recent string of armed robberies at Uptown New Orleans restaurants and bars has many proprietors rethinking their security strategies, fearing theirs could be the next business targeted by masked gunmen. But there's only so much cash-strapped owners can do, said Amanda Toups of Toups Meatery. 
After robberies at Patois and Atchafalya, Toups' Mid-City restaurant changed the way it closes, locking the doors immediately after the last customer leaves. Employees also stopped counting the night's money at the bar. 
But beyond that, little can be done to stop armed criminals intent on robbing restaurants during dinner service, Toups said. A full-time security guard is one option, but for a business that operates on a narrow profit margin, such a solution would be cost-prohibitive, Toups said. 
"After Patois was robbed we had a woman call asking if we were going to have an armed guard that night," Toups said. "I said, 'No. But I have a big mean husband with a big mean knife.' So she said, 'Ok. See you at 7.'" 
"I don't know how I feel about hiring security, how our customers will feel when they walk in and see a guy with a gun standing at the door. It feels like we'd be giving in." 
The first of the Uptown robberies happened Aug. 20 at Patois, followed by Atchafalaya on Sept. 24 and Monkey Hill Bar four days later. Police haven't linked the three holdups, although they were all carried out in a similar fashion: Armed gunmen stormed into the business before closing, robbing the owners, employees and customers. 
For Ray Gruezke, owner of Rue 127 on North Carrollton Avenue, the crime spree brings back painful memories. Almost three years ago, two gunmen robbed his restaurant shortly before closing. They entered through a back door, threatened Gruezke with a gun and stole his computer and the night's revenue. 
The customers ran out the entrance before the robbers made it to the front of the restaurant, he said. The police never caught the suspects, despite witnesses providing the license plate number of the getaway car, said a frustrated Gruezke. 
After the robbery, he installed gates around the building, video cameras and a large safe and changed how employees handle cash at the end of the night. But like Toups, Gruezke said he couldn't afford to hire a security guard. 
"This really brings it all back. But you just have to keep going," Gruezke said. "When I was robbed, it was scary and you think about closing. But if you give in and change who you are and what you do, they've won. They got your money, and they've won." 
Mat and Nadie's, 937 Leonidas St., is one of the few restaurants that pays for an officer to keep watch over customers and employees on a nightly basis. 
Even though it costs close to $30,000 annually, times like these make it seem like a sound investment, owner Steve Schwarz said. 
"I could hire another cook and a half for that, but when you hear about all the stuff going on, we're happy we have it and our employees appreciate it," Schwarz said.

The cost of doing business in a city shouldn't be tolerating black criminality and hiring profit-decimating security guards just to provide security and safety for your employees, customers and ultimately, your investment.

One day, our children will look back on this time period and wonder why we spent so much time squabbling about silly partisan politics, when the only real problem was our inability to construct sound social policy based on the reality of race (discernible in every facet of life if you only dare notice). 

Skrewdriver – “Undercover” Compact Disc

September 29th, 2015
Skrewdriver - "Undercover" Compact Disc Over his infamous career, Ian Stuart Donaldson loved putting cover songs on both his solo productions and Skrewdriver records. This rare compact disc assembles all of the best onto one disc: 1. It's A Hard Road - Written-By – Young, Scott, Young 3:15 2. Back In Black - Written-By – Young, Johnson, Young 3:38 3. Paranoid - Written-By – Ward, Butler, Osbourne, Iommi 2:03 4. United - Written-By – Tipton, Downing, Halford 2:43 5. 19th Nervous Breakdown - Written-By – Richards, Jagger 1:56 6. Paint It Black - Written-By – Richards, Jagger 2:27 7. Jumping Jack Flash - Written-By – Richards, Jagger 2:53 8. Sympathy For The Devil - Written-By – Richards, Jagger 3:59 9. Johnny Joined The Klan - Written-By [Adapted From] – Chuck Berry 2:50 10. Devil's Right Hand - Written-By – Earle 3:19 11. Route 66 - Written-By – Troup 2:20 12. Won't Get Fooled Again - Written-By – Townshend 2:24 13. Behind Blue Eyes - Written-By – Townshend 2:45 14. Radar Love - Written-By – Hay, Kooymans 4:07 15. One In A Million - Written-By – Rose, McKagan, Stradlin, Slash (3), Adler 5:33 16. We Can't Be Beaten - Written-By – Anderson, Riley 3:18 17. Tuesday's Gone - Written-By – Rossington, Van Zant 4:32 18. Whiskey Rock'n'Roll - Written-By – Collins, Rossington, Van Zant 2:03 19. Sweet Home Alabama - Written-By – Rossington, King, Van Zant 3:45 20. Simple Man - Written-By – Rossington, Van Zant 4:53 21. In The Ghetto - Written-By – Davis 1:58

Nigel – “Ballad Session In The Netherlands” Compact Disc

September 29th, 2015
Nigel - "Ballad Session In The Netherlands" Compact Disc 1. Old Albion - Written-By – Skrewdriver 2. Behind Blue Eyes - Written-By – The Who 3. Remember Us - Written-By – Broadsword 4. Hand In Hand With The Devi - Written-By – Broadsword 5. Tomorrow Belongs To Me - Written-By – Skrewdriver 6. Ultimate Sacrifice - Written-By – Broadsword 7. Mississippi - Written-By – Celtic Warrior 8. Gone With The Breeze - Written-By – Skrewdriver 9. Winter - Written-By – Wolfseye 10. Tree Of Life - Written-By – No Remorse 11. Sorcerer Of Evil - Written-By – Celtic Warrior 12. Freedoms Flame - Written-By – White Lightning 13. The Flame That Never Dies - Written-By – No Remorse 14. We Rule - Written-By – White Lightning 15. Moonshine - Written-By – Wolfseye 16. Farewell Ian Stuart - Written-By – No Remorse 17. Invisible Empire - Written-By – No Remorse 18. European Friendship - Written-By – No Remorse

Garrison III (Deaths Head Ravenous Youngland Open Season) Compact Disc

September 29th, 2015
Garrison III (Deaths Head Ravenous Youngland Open Season) Compact Disc 1. Burnin 2. White Justice 3. Showdown 4. Stand One Stand All 5. Free 6. Thank God I'm A White Boy 7. Untitled

The Ubertones – “Mad Vandetta” 12 Inch Black Vinyl Record

September 29th, 2015
The Ubertones – "Mad Vandetta" 12 Inch Black Vinyl Record The Ubertones Mad Vandetta 12 Inch Black Vinyl Record The Ubertones are one of the hottest bands out there. When we had their compact discs, they sold out within weeks. These vinyl records are professionally pressed and are a must-own for all collectors! Track Listing: A1. Mad Vendetta A2. King For A Day A3. Barbecues And Barricades B1. Dead Men Tell No Tales B2. Rivers Of Blood

White U.S. Military Veteran Shot by Black Male After Leaving St. Louis Cardinals Game; Spine Severed, Paralyzed

September 29th, 2015
Bell Curve City: St. Louis, Ferguson, and the Unmentionable Racial Realities That Shape Them tells the story of why St. Louis is now a city where the residents of the metro area must question if it's safe to visit. 

It also tells the story of how all of metro St. Louis will inevitably become as unsafe as downtown, courtesy of the redistribution of the individual blacks who collectively make the city unsafe to otherwise crime-free white suburbs via Section 8 housing. 
Chris Sanna (second from right) went a baseball game in St. Louis: courtesy of black male who tried to rob him after the game - instead, putting a bullet in his back - he never made it home

After all, this is what happened to Ferguson. 

Here's how one booster of the economic vitality found in St. Louis tells people they can stay when visiting the majority black city

If you live, visit or work downtown, Kelley says there are some things you can do to stay safe. 
· Stay alert· Walk in groups· Be aware of your surroundings 
You can also take advantage of the Downtown CID guides. The guides can give you directions and even walk you to your car, workplace, or home. 
Sundown laws, Jim Crow, whites-only restaurants/businesses, and restrictive covenants once worked to keep white people (and white civilization) safe from black criminality... which is EXACTLY why white people long ago decide to use the law to protect what they created and their posterity. 

Now, all one can say is stay alert, walk in groups, and be aware of your surroundings, without identify who to stay alert from, walk in groups to avoid, and why you must be aware of your surroundings... the reason, of course, is black people. 

And now a white United States Military veteran has been paralyzed in St. Louis, courtesy of a bullet fired from the gun - that severed his spine - a black suspect was using to rob him... [Mayor, police pledge more officers near Busch Stadium after shooting, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 9-28-15]:
A Cardinals fan shot and possibly paralyzed after he left Busch Stadium last weekend has police and the mayor promising to keep downtown safe as October baseball looms once again in St. Louis. 
Christopher S. Sanna, 43, of House Springs, remained hospitalized Monday. Doctors told his family Sunday night that his spinal cord cannot be surgically repaired because of the damage from a bullet. They hold on to hope that his spine may recover to some degree on its own, though doctors say he will likely never walk again. 
“They said it was shattered, and no surgery could repair it,” said his mother, Candis Sanna. “They said he could eventually get a little feeling back, but there was no hope for him to walk. It’s horrible.” 
It is the latest robbery in St. Louis in which the victim was shot even after complying with a robber’s demands. 
Christopher Sanna was shot about 10:30 p.m. Friday at Walnut Street and Memorial Drive. He and his siblings had been at the Cardinals game to celebrate his mother’s 60th birthday. Sanna and his girlfriend left the game at the start of the ninth inning Friday because he had to work Saturday morning. The rest of the family stayed for the game and to watch the postgame fireworks. 
Christopher Sanna had parked at the Old Cathedral parking lot and was walking to his car. According to police, two men in a dark-colored sedan drove up to Sanna and his girlfriend. The driver got out with a gun and demanded their belongings. The woman gave the gunman her purse, and the couple turned to run away. That’s when the gunman fired several shots in their direction, hitting Sanna in the back. 
“They turned to run away, but they didn’t make it very far,” Candis Sanna said. “As soon as they gave them the stuff, they were going to try to run away, but he shot them. They were within arm’s reach.” 
St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said Monday that detectives had little information to go on to catch the gunman. No video cameras caught the robbery. He said the description of the shooter is vague: a black man with long dreadlocks who was 5 feet 2 to 5 feet 5 with a stocky build.  

After Christopher Sanna’s girlfriend called 911, he lay on the pavement and called his mother’s cellphone from the scene. It was so noisy from the fireworks that his mother didn’t pick up. “Mom, I’ve been shot,” he said on his mother’s voicemail.
Sanna has been on pain medication at the hospital but has been awake and able to share some of the details of what happened to him. 
“People say, ‘Be aware of your surroundings.’ Well, he was very aware of his surroundings,” Candis Sanna said. “A car stopped at a red light, and the door flew open. Then they knew, this can’t be good. The guy ran up to him. It happened so fast.”Christopher Sanna is a manager at an automotive store in south St. Louis County. He has an adult daughter. He served six years in the Army, stationed in Germany.His relatives set up a fundraising site for help with his medical bills. By early Monday, they had raised about $5,000, a number that jumped into the tens of thousands by late afternoon as media reports of the shooting drew attention to the site. 
Candis Sanna, who works near Union Station, said she’s aware of crime problems in the city. But she said she expects to be safe when coming and going from a baseball game. 
“You think you’re safe after a Cardinals game, and you’d think there are police down there and you wouldn’t have to worry,” she said. “But there were no police there. I don’t know why. You get past Fourth Street and there was nobody around.” 
She added: “It’s gotten really scary in the past year. And you can’t carry a gun to protect yourself because you can’t take it in the stadium.” 
Police officers usually can be seen in the immediate vicinity of the stadium before and after games as they direct pedestrian and motor traffic. Beyond three or so blocks, a police presence is not as visible. 
The Cardinals hire off-duty St. Louis and St. Louis County police officers to work part time at the stadium during games. As many as 25 officers are working inside the stadium during games, and more are expected for the postseason. 
On Friday night, Dotson said, there were a dozen additional officers in the downtown area, and police were about two blocks away when Sanna was shot.
 Was the militarization of St. Louis necessary so white fans could feel safe to attend baseballs when Jim Crow, Sundown laws, segregation, and whites-only signs were in existence? 


No, the police were not needed to give white fans some form of peace and stability via a mass presence just so they could attend a baseball game free of being the victim of black crime.

Now you know why the Baltimore Orioles played the first ever empty stadium game in Major League Baseball history in late April: police couldn't guarantee the safety of the white fans - who had been driven out of the city by high rates of black crime, making raising a family there untenable - from those black people who now occupy the city and require visitors to:
· Stay alert 
· Walk in groups 
· Be aware of your surroundings 

In a Fight Between Nature and Nurture, Always Bet on the Former…

September 28th, 2015
"Really knowing is good. Not knowing, or refusing to know is bad, or amoral, at least. You can’t act if you don’t know.” -- Something Wicked This Way Comes, by Ray Bradbury
Were it not for violence committed by individual blacks in Indianapolis, the city would be virtually free of fatal and nonfatal gun crime. But this is a world where the collective lawlessness of blacks in Indianapolis requires the 10 Point Coalition to try and stop it from spreading.  

Through September 1, 2015, there had been 92 homicides in the city: 64 of the victims were black with 26 of the suspects also black, three white and 35 unknown (meaning they're black, protected by the code of 'no snitching' honored by the black community). 

Oh, and in 2015 Indianapolis eight white people have been killed by blacks compared to three blacks being murdered by whites...

The Indianapolis Star's resident black columnist, Erika Smith, can be counted on to expend energy at least once a month on a column bemoaning black-on-black violence in the city.

But back to the 10 Point Coalition, that ragtag group of black do-gooders always extending out their hands for more donations/city funding to keep them afloat (because there's a surplus of black people lacking impulse control in the city of Indianapolis). Not long ago, this coalition of black clergy members were awarded bulletproof vests to keep them safe when they visit crime scenes and attempt to mediate the madness.

Now we know why... [Ten Point Coalition threatened at murder scene, WTHR.com, 9-27-15]:
Ten Point Coalition members hit the city's downtown streets Saturday, patrolling corners with a visible presence in their yellow vests. 
"If there are kids having a hard time, we step in and we kind of play the roles of parents and family members," said Rev. Charles Harrison, the head of the grassroots organization. 
That wasn't the case downtown Saturday. Ten Point members were hoping for a peaceful night, and that's what they got as they talked with adults and teens at the Circle City Classic. 
"Part of my life's work is ministry, taking care of people," said Pastor Melvin Jackson, also a Ten Point member. 
Friday, though, members found themselves in a position they'd never been in before: threatened with their lives at one of the city's murder scenes in the 3800 block of Bennett Drive. 
"We were literally threatened by a group of young men who were angry. They made it very personal. They talked about spraying the area, told us we needed to leave the area and not be there, when the police left we would be the target," said Rev. Harrison. 
"As we were walking to our cars last night, they went around the corner and fired gun shots in the air, and then as I was leaving the area, several of the young men followed me in the car," continued who Harrison, who said after a few blocks, the group following him turned off onto another street. 
Despite what happened, Ten Point members were back at it downtown Saturday evening in a crowded, but peaceful environment. They were ready, though, to go to a less peaceful place in the city, should something happen. 
"There's a risk. There's risk if you don't do anything," Pastor Jackson said when asked why the group was continuing despite Friday's threats. Sitting idle is a risk they said they weren't willing to take. 
“That was pretty scary because that's the first point Ten Point has been attacked on the street like this. It is not going to stop us from going into these neighborhoods and saying what needs to be said to try to stop this madness,” Rev. Harrison said. 
Members said they were looking into taking extra precautions on scenes, but didn't elaborate what those measures would be. Some already wear bullet proof vests and are already planning for next weekend.
Were white people to pull all resources for the black community, and police to abandon their sworn duty of "community outreach," how long do you think it would take for the cracking of marrow to commence?

This is one of the few thoughts that allows me to fall asleep peacefully at night.

How many nights has the good Rev. Harrison spent restless, knowing full well his attempts to nurture hope through the 10 Point Coalition run counter to nature?

Civilization and barbarism, separated by a color line.

13 WTHR Indianapolis 13 WTHR Indianapolis

If Almost All of the Dirt Bikes in Baltimore are Stolen, Why Do the Police Allow Blacks to Terrorize the City Upon Them?

September 27th, 2015
There are under 10 actions necessary to restore order in the United States of America.

All are highly symbolic and will immediately undermine every foundation of Black Run America (BRA) at its very core.
The black Baltimore dirt bike riders... arrest them and all those who tolerate their existence

One is such a simple act it almost doesn't need to occur.

But by happening, it's a powerful indication law is coming back. And by its allowing to endure, we cede authority to BRA.

Illegal dirt bike activity by black people has flourished in Baltimore for years. A documentary was made about this activity, with the outgoing black female mayor believing "outreach" was the only leverage the state had in ending this lawlessness. [Teen in dirt bike documentary injured by police: Dirt biking riding illegal in Baltimore; Police don't routinely give chase, WBAL (NBC) Baltimore, 4/28/14]:
Riding dirt bikes is an activity that's illegal in Baltimore City, something the state's attorney and city police believe is a serious public safety threat -- so serious that police officers do not routinely give chase.
Outreach... for a problem the police have all but decided to give up on trying to bring to order and dare arrest. Though some call it, "Just a Baltimore thing," the reality is obvious: these black dirt bike riders represent a true "scourge."

The solution by those in charge of Baltimore? Build the black dirt bike riders a "park" (paid for by the few remaining white taxpayers):
On Monday, Councilman William "Pete" Welch, who represents West Baltimore, called on city officials to develop a plan that is agreed to by the police, recreation and parks officials, dirt bike riders, and community members. 
The plan would include the "creation of a world class dirt bike park in the city that is a safe space for dirt bike riders to enjoy their hobby without interference from law enforcement," Welch's resolution states. 
Rawlings-Blake said Wednesday she has concerns about whether it's wise to build a dirt-bike park. 
The mayor said she hoped to have a "frank conversation" with dirt bike riders as soon as possible. 
"We are reaching out to some of the organizers," she said.
Worse, an August 9th article from CBS Baltimore notes almost all of these dirt bikes are "stolen": 
“They impose a very immediate and extreme danger, to the community as they do not ordinarily follow traffic rules and regulations,” said Marc Partee, Commander North West District. 
“This is not a sport, this is not fun, and it continues to drain my resources and the individuals that actually live in the community are not happy with it all,” Partee said. 
According to authorities, a majority of these dirt bikes are stolen and encourage people to report them when spotted. 
Thus, one of those 10 necessary actions needed to restore order to the United States of America is an all-out war being declared upon the black dirt bike riders of Baltimore and their immediate arrest. Not only a cessation of the illegal dirt bike activity, but the complete arrest of all those engaging in the lawlessness... including those who would engage in "outreach" to these rebels.

As one policeman said at a recent city council to determine if Baltimore will build a dirt bike park (being pushed by a  black city councilman),"If people can obtain bikes that are legal and that are registered or however that works out and there's a legal place to ride we're perfectly OK with that," [T.J.] Smith said. "But if we're in a situation where stolen bikes, unregistered bikes are being rode on the streets of Baltimore especially in this reckless manner, that's something that we have to enforce and we can't allow to go on."

If the majority of the dirt bikes are "stolen," then why does the state even allow blacks in Baltimore to terrorize the city upon them?